Travel: New Orleans - Photo Diary

The second leg of our American journey took us to New Orleans, Louisianna.  I've been enamoured with New Orleans for as long as I can remember. I'd gobble up anything with the vaguest hint of Nola, films, books, TV shows, I was obsessed.  For some reason I always thought it out of reach, somehwere that would forever remain on my travel bucket list.  When we were booking our adventure we originally planned to fly across to New York and drive up to Boston after our Vegas visit but out of curiosity I did a little search for New Orleans and couldn't believe my eyes. Not only was it affordable, it was cheaper than what I'd settled on.  That was that, I was finally going to visit a place I've held in my heart for some many years. To say I was excited was an understatement.

One thing I can say about planning a multi city holiday, check your dates then check them again. One more time for good measure.  I say this because I, the massive doufus that I am, accidentally booked an extra night in our Vegas hotel and one less in our Nola diggs.  That meant we were without a bed for the first night we arrived in New Orleans. I know, right?!  Luckily I noticed my mistake and quickly booked an Air BnB for one night in Midtown and boy was I glad I did.  Midtown was such a cool, chilled out neighbourhood that boasted the best scarehouse in the whole state, did I mention it was right across the street from our room? Score one for Katie.  We left the camera at home for fear of dropping it in terror but trust me when I say it was scary as hell and hella fun!

before we got to New Orleans I began to think I may have over romanticised my view of the city. Maybe it wasn't going to be like the movies, maybe there wouldn't be jazz pouring from every street corner, maybe there wasn't going to be weeping foliage studded with strings of shiny beads and maybe the people weren't going to be the friendliest people I've ever met.  

Well, let me tell you dear reader, everything I dreamed of was true, and more.  Music floods through this city, the sound of trumpets carries on the breeze like floating magnolias. Beads left over from Mardi Gras celebrations hang from every surface, twinkling in the sunlight and the people were just about the greatest humans you could ever dream of meeting.  New Orleans, you have my heart and if you ever fancy dropping the 98% humidity levels, I'd move in lickety split.

Obviously, being a big fan of Disney's Princess and the Frog, I simply had to take a trip down the Bayou swamps.  I felt like I was in a dream. Everything about this place is breathtaking, every photo I took was like a work of art in itself. I could have spent all day floating around those swamps, watching aligators soaking up the afternoon sun, racoons bouncing through the trees and swamp hogs snuffling for treats in the muddy banks. Our tour was through Cajun Adventures and I can highly recommend the experience, our guide was knowledgeable and super friendly.

Next up is Memphis and probably the highlight of the holiday, Graceland. Did you know I'm a die hard Elvis fan? Well, I am, and bloody proud of it.   Have you ever visited New Orleans? I'd love to know what you thought of my new favourite city.
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