Sunshine and Pimms

If there's anything that screams British Summer time its a nice cold glass of Pimms on a perfectly manicured lawn.  However, in my case I'll be enjoying it on a slightly balding garden with an annoying downward tilt.  Nothing a good old Pimms won't fix, I'll just close my eyes and imagine.

Pimms cocktail, the perfect sunshiney drink.

When got in touch and asked me to share a recipe for this traditional Summer drink I was delighted.  Normally I'd try and put my own spin on things but why tamper with perfection?  Although, I do have a hankering to turn this delicious cocktail into an ice lolly, more on that later...

Pimms cocktail, the perfect sunshiney drink.

The thing I love most about Pimms is the ease of putting the drink together.  It's just as simple to make a tipple for one as it is to make for ten making it the perfect drink to serve for a Summer garden party, weather permitting of course.  Mix up a few big jugs of Pimms and let the good times roll.

Pimms cocktail, the perfect sunshiney drink.

Pimms Summer Cup
Serves 1

25ml Pimms Cup No1
2 Strawberries, quartered
Cucumber slices
Lemon slices
Sprig of mint
Ginger beer

Fill a tall glass with ice and add a few slices of cucumber, lemon and the strawberry quarters.  Pour over the Pimms then fill the glass half way with ginger beer, top up with lemonade.  Give it a little mix, pop a sprig of mint in the top and enjoy.

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  1. I wish my glasses of Pimms looked as pretty as this! I'm fully committed to making up as many glasses as possible to practise!

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