Tin Can Planters

Things have been kinda quiet over here for the past few months.  Life has been super hectic with Pet Lamb taking priority and this little blog has fell by the wayside.  I do have some exciting news, I'm currently working on a new project, a new blog even, with my best friend and business partner Kay.  The lifestyle blog for Pet Lamb will be up and running in the coming weeks and I'll be spending most of my time posting over there with more of a lifestyle feel.  Don't worry, food will still take a priority but you'll be seeing more stuff like this... Hope you enjoy :)

If you're anything like me a beautiful tin can is something that can not be passed up.  Whether it be filled with food on a supermarket shelf or nestled among china cups and teapots in a junk shop window, I just have to have it.  My collection is growing ever larger so I'm constantly looking for new ways to put them to use.  One of my favorites just has to be tuning pretty old tins into beautiful planters for herbs and flowers!

This really couldn't be any easier, all you need is a hammer, a nail and your favorite tin cans.  Simply give your container a good wash out with soapy water and leave to dry.  Turn your can over so the bottom is facing upwards, using the hammer and nail pierce the base of the can in several places.  These will act as drainage holes so your roots don't rot away.  Fill your pot around half full with potting compost, make a hole large enough for your plant to fit and delicately place your chosen plant into the hole.  Cover with a little more compost and water, just enough to soak the roots.  Pop onto your windowsill and admire your handy work.
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  1. These are soo cute!!! Love the idea!

  2. What a good idea and they look great. I'll look forward to the new blog, but hope you don't give this one up entirely, that would be too sad.

  3. I genuinely, genuinely love this idea. I am going to get some tins and make it immediately x

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