Mini Cupcake Maker

When the lovely Joanna from Find Me a Gift asked me if I'd like to review a mini cupcake maker I jumped at the chance.  Cupcake makers are something I've always wondered about, do they work, do they produce yummy results, surely they can't be as good as making them in the oven?  Well, here was my chance to answer all of my questions...

When the cupcake maker arrived I unpacked it, stood back and did a little 'awwwh'.  It's super cute for a start, all pink and canny, which little girl wouldn't love this for Christmas?!  After the initial cute factor I read the instructions expecting there to be something rather complex to make the whole process unsuitable for a little person, I was wrong.  Everything about the cupcake maker is just so simple, a monkey could use it.  Oil the cavities, fill with batter, close the lid and wait.  That's it!

Six minutes later I popped the cupcake maker open to reveal seven adorable bite sized chocolate chip muffins.  They slid out of the cavity with such ease, it was a little satisfying if I'm honest.  Now, do they stand up to the taste test?  The answer is yes, moist and taste and ready in less than ten minutes.  What more could you want?!

I tried the cupcake maker with both mini liners and unlined and much preferred the unlined cakes.  They rose up larger and were real easy to pop out of their little moulds. Plus, you could stick em straight into your open mouth, chomp!

My verdict, the mini cupcake maker is the perfect gift for any budding baker this Christmas.  Just think, you could have a batch of warm muffins on the table in minutes perfect for those surprise visitors.  No mess, no fuss, just cupcakes!

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  1. I've wondered about these too!! I've just bought a mini donut maker and I love it :) I have sooo many appliances now haha :)


  2. I've wondered about these before too. Great to know they work! Only 7 cakes at a time though... So greedy x

  3. I've wondered if they were any good. The cakes look great - I prefer smaller ones like this.

  4. thse look perfect for a quick fix, might have to treat myself, just because!

  5. Hi Katie!
    Just found your blog and I love it - Your photos are just lovely and considered and your articles are clearly thought out :)
    Will be following! I'm more a fashion lifestyle gal but hey, I love cakes too!
    I'm pretty sure my boyf has one of these, will defs get it out now!!

  6. Yay! My husband just bought one for me on sale at Urban Outfitters. I haven't used it yet but I was planning on making muffins this afternoon anyway. I'll have to give it a try!

  7. I haven't actually seen these around before, but I'll have to keep my eye out as they look like a great Christmas present idea. Yum!


  8. I've always wondered about this! This is so cute I almost can't stand it! I want one!!

    Nom! x

  9. ive wondered about these things i thought they would be rubbish, but now i want to try one hehe

  10. I almost bought one of these on the weekend, a funny look from my boyfriend made me change my mind. After reading this I might just go back and get one, they look so cute.

  11. And not a bad price either! Thanks for the review otherwise I would have been very skeptical! Oh dear another entry on my Xmas wish list!!

  12. So cool, I didn't even know these existed!

  13. hi Katie,

    Thanks for doing this write up. Am sure i gonna get this cupcake maker.

    however may i know how do i go about making the recipe for the 7 cupcakes then? cos i always do for 12 only.

    Can you kindly give me a recipe for doing the 7 mini cupcakes please?

    like maybe how much of flour, sugar etc to use?

    Thanks very much



Thank you for your comments :)

Katie xo

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