Chocolate and Coconut Granola

Last week the lovely Hayley from Away With The Fairy Cakes posted a link on my Facebook page with the caption "You'll LOVE this!!".  The link was the Amazon page for the wonderful book The Vintage Tea Party by Angel Adoree.  Hayley was right, I did love it! So much so I bought it and even stumped up for next day delivery, unheard of!

I received it the following day and, much to Kris' annoyance, took it to work where I spent the whole afternoon drinking tea and pouring over the stunning photographs and mouth watering recipes.  I just couldn't wait to make good use of it.

Recently I vowed to myself to start eating a decent breakfast rather than my usual cup of tea on the run. What a perfect way to start my new mission than with this delicious chocolate and coconut granola from the brunch section of the book.

Chocolate & Coconut Granola
(From The Vintage Tea Party)


240g rolled oats
175g flaked almonds
70g unsweetened shredded coconut
70g dark brown sugar
40g cocoa powder
90ml honey
50ml vegetable oil
1tsp cinnamon
3/4tsp salt


Preheat your oven to 120C / 100C Fan.

In a large bowl mix together the oats, coconut, almonds and sugar. In a separate bowl combine the honey, oil, cocoa powder, cinnamon and salt.

Combine the two mixtures, getting your hands in to make sure everything is evenly mixed, spread the granola over two baking sheets and bake for 1 1/4 hours, stirring half way through to ensure an even colour.

Transfer to a large bowl and serve with Greek yogurt and berries. Delicious!

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  1. Now that is my kind of granola. I have everything apart from the almond flakes. Might try it withour those. Even have the greek yoghurt and berries. I am having potato scones and beans for brunch today but I will make this for tomorrow morning. Thanks Katie.

    Oh and gorgeous looking book, might have to ask the library for a copy. Went a bit mad at Lakeland yesterday, so I have to try not to spend any more.

  2. This granola recipe sounds good!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  3. I love granola and I can't wait to try this! That book looks so pretty :-)

  4. Goodness-I just got this book out from the library yesterday! One look at the cover and I greedily grabbed it- I've read it from cover to cover since, a perfect read for a wet summer Sunday afternoon. I love the recipe for 'Rose Sandwiches' which is definately on my to-bake list as they sound so glamorous!

  5. chocolate and coconut = my two favourite flavours combined. I must make this!

  6. I think i need this book too! The granola sounds and looks fab, it's a shame I only get to enjoy breakie at the weekends or while I'm on holiday. Must make more of an effort but that would mean getting up at about 5:30am to squeeze it all in.

  7. This sounds like a lovely book, I'll have to check it out. I also love the glasses you served the granola in, so elegant.

  8. I'm a sucker for great pictures in books. This one looks fantastic and the granola looks delicious.

  9. beautiful new book. Love chocolate and coconut in granola!

  10. sounds amazing, i might give it a go for breakfast :D

  11. The book looks so pretty!!

    I really like everything about the granola too, reminds me of one I had from dorset cereals a while back which I loved, will be good to make it from scratch though!

  12. Love your blog. The pictures are so tempting as your recipes.

    Smiles :)

  13. This looks fantastic, the book is now saved in my Amazon basket for payday :)

    Maria xxx

  14. oh this sounds lovely! (minus the coconut, can't stand coconut) I'll have to see if my library has it in stock :)

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  16. Ahhh isn't the book just amazing!? I have it too! x

  17. Goodness, it is such a beautiful book! <3 I wish amazon shipped here! Boo!

    Lost in the Haze

  18. Nothing like a great book and the joy of fast shipping from Amazon.

    I am trying to make myself eat breakfast, but two weeks in and Im still not digging on it. Soon - hopefully soon.

    This granola sounds delicious and thanks for the new book recommendation.

  19. Gosh this looks so tasty! Might have to whip some up.


Thank you for your comments :)

Katie xo

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