Stop, it's Choi Time!

My oh my, odd weather we're having up north, isn't it?  One day I find myself stood at my bedroom window frowning angrily at the sun belting into my house (I'm not a summery person you see), the next I'm pulling out my winter coat and 120 denier tights in a gleeful panic while watching the trees sway madly in the wind.  Much to my disappointment, Today is the former of the two.  This morning my other half left me to embark on a journey to Aberdeen to collect our new car (hurrah!).  Motivated by the recent downpours and gale force winds, I was looking forward to a day of baking from my new Nigella Kitchen book and drinking some delicious Choi Time tea while listening to the comforting sound of rain hitting my window.  Well, I might not have the weather I've wished for but I can damn well sit here with a cup of tea, close my eyes and wish for rain.

I'm in love with this tea, it's like drinking a little pot of magic.  The flower slowly unfurls from the bud as you pour hot water into your cup resulting in a delicious and beneficial cup of tea.  This particular brew is Thousand Year Red which is known to aid digestion, strengthens the immune system, helps lower cholesterol and gives your skin a healthy glow.

I'm itching to try out the Rose, Chrysanthemum and Jasmine Pearl teas I was sent.  Now, I'm off for a cup of tea and a scary book.  Chin chin.
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  1. I'm not a summer person either, the heat just gets to me. I love autumn and can't wait for it to arrive!

    This tea sounds fantastic.


  2. Wow, I've never seen anything like that tea - it looks amazing. Like a little performance in your cup!

  3. Wow-that tea is so cool! Where do you get it?

  4. This tea looks fantastic...not seen anything like that before!

  5. Hi Tracey,

    It's from Choi Time, the website and a few different teas are linked on my post. They're really really tasty and fully recommend them :)

    Katie xox


Thank you for your comments :)

Katie xo

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