Coffee frog recommends the biscotti

Whenever I think of biscotti one image always springs to mind.

So cute!

I'd like to welcome you all to a brand new baking group, Sweet Melissa Sundays. Every Sunday we will be baking a different recipe from the wonderful Sweet Melissa Baking Book, the best part is we get to pick the treats, I'm so excited for my choice in 6 weeks time. For our very first endeavor together Lorelei from Mermaid Sweets has chosen the Honey Beescotti. Being a biscotti virgin I was a bit thrown by the lack of a picture detailing the finished product, but I guess that just makes us more creative now, doesn't it? The whole process was pretty long but rather enjoyable and I didn't half love the almondy scent the dough gave off every time I touched it. Yum!

My one problem was totally self inflicted. I have a terrible habit, when rushed I tend to be a little hap hazard in my pre heating of the oven where I just spin the knob half way (usually around 180-190). Stupidly I forgot to re set it according to the instructions and my dough ended up rather crispy on the outside while still a bit loose inside. Luckily I caught it before it burned and saved the day. Phew!

I thought the orange peal gave the biscotti quite an overpowering taste (I think I added a little more than instructed) so I tried to balance it out by adding a drizzle of dark chocolate. I mean, who here doesn't love a Terry's Chocolate Orange?!

I had a lot of fun with this recipe and I can't wait till next weeks Brooklyn Brownout Cake. I just hope it's as divine as the name makes it sound.

Please check out the Sweet Melissa Sundays blog roll for everyone else's creations, I bet theirs are prettier than mine ;)

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  1. Your biscotti look beautiful and yes, chocolate makes anything taste better. :P

  2. AAhh so nice..great looking biscotti and I love the chocolate! Im glad your a part of the group!

  3. Your biscotti look perfect to me! I can't believe you've never made them before. I bet the chocolate drizzle made them even more amazing!

  4. Chocolate and oranage--always a winning combination. Glad your first biscotti experience went well--they look really good. I look forward to baking along with you on Sundays!

  5. Your biscotti look great!! And, can we talk about how awesome Terry's Chocolate Oranges are?! I love the drizzle of dark chocolate you put over the biscotti. A perfect match to the orange. Yours turned out beautifully--they don't look too dark at all. Great first SMS!

  6. You certainly came up with a great solution to the orange peel dominance problem. My siblings and I used to love splitting those Terry oranges into sections! That cake DOES sound amazing...

  7. Your Biscotti turned out great and I'd love a slice to dunk into my coffee!


  8. Your biscotti looks wonderful and it's something I too have never made before either.

    Rosie x

  9. I loved these biscotti - an the coffee frog is too cute!
    Great idea to put chocolate on them.


Thank you for your comments :)

Katie xo

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