The one thing I loved most about America were the supermarkets, aisles and aisles of fat containing, diabetes inducing, sugary foods. Everything was made for the soul purpose of expanding your waistline. And I loved it! My very favorite things were the Hostess cream pies, little chocolate cupcakes filled with a delicious cream centre. One was more than enough, but boy were they good! I'd been wanting to recreate the awesomeness of those cupcakes for two years now, but never got around to it.

Then, on a random browse through Tastespotting I noticed the thing I've been searching for all these years, a cream filled cupcake using fluff! I love fluff, really love, romantically love! The day I discovered my local Fenwicks Food Hall stocked Fluff I bought like, a years supply! I want some now....anyway I decided to whip up a batch for my cake tasting Sunday session using the Oreo Cupcake base I love so much.

So, I baked the cupcakes, filled them with cream then piped a beautiful swirl of chocolate butter cream upon each treat. I stood back to admire my batch of pretty cuppies only to be rudely startled by a braying belly laugh coming from the living room. Kris was staring at my cake, laughing so hard I thought he'd throw up. Then I realised why. My star icing nozzle was dirty and they only other to hand was my large circular version. Can you guess what they looked like? That's right, comedy poos, like the kind you buy in the joke shop. Sure I saw the funny side, texted a few photos to a few friends, laughed some more then set about them with a pallet knife. No poo cakes in my house, no way Jose!

If you'd like to give these cakes a go, sans poo icing, the recipe for the cream filling can be found here. Just use any cupcake/frosting recipe you feel comfortable with :)
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  1. Poo icing, haha! That looks amazingly decadent... mmm!

  2. Haha, I love that you miss the American grocery store. It's funny: from my time studying in London, I miss Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's and Tesco. Oh, man, those tesco chocolate good. I must say, I'm not a fan of all those sugary treats in the American grocery stores...I usually avoid them. BUT, your "Hostess" cupcakes look fabulous. A million times better than the "real" thing. So glad you were able to make these for yourself!!

  3. I am salivating here as I read your very tempting post!! Gosh those cupcakes look so darn amazing!!

  4. Trust a man to see it as poo..LOL. Well I think they look amazing and wouldn't say no to one of those cupcakes!


  5. That is a funny post - I have yielded a offset spatula to fix frosting issues before. Can't exactly picture how they looked before, but guess that is for the best. Way to be a good sport, I am a sensitive baker.

  6. Ha-ha! Isn't it always the guys to notice things like that. I didn't get it when I say your photo at all!

  7. Olli, we could team up and be the worlds best fed girls with an army of kitties! Like fat superheroes!

    Katie xox


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