Whisk Wednesday Winter Swap

The lovely ladies of Whisk Wednesday organized a winter swap in January and when I signed up I never for a second thought that I, a girl a whole ocean away from everyone else, would be the first to receive my package!

My lovely parcel arrive a few days ago, but me being such a useless bugger missed the postman, something I always manage to do...even if I'm home. I automatically assumed it was something I'd ordered from Amazon, which I had no immediate need for, so it sat in the sorting office for a few days gathering dust. Rather than arrange a new delivery date (It would be just like me to rearrange delivery and miss it again) I sent Kris to pick it up on his way to work this morning, imagine my surprise when he sent me a text to say I had a massive box from America waiting for me. I sat for the next 5 hours, staring at he clock, willing it to be 5pm so I could rush home and rip into my box of delights. There wasn't a shred of work done in the office today, it can wait till Friday :)

My mystery present giver was the lovely Michelle from Big Black Dog. I adore Michelle's blog, her food always looks fabulous and she's an absolute darling to boot!

The first thing I saw when I tore open my parcel was this adorable rag doll. Michelle tells me he's a Kitchen Doll named Jessy. Jessy is to live in my kitchen and watch over me while I no doubt attempt to set fire to myself and slice off important appendages during my culinary exploits.

In Jessy's back pack was these beautiful home made pot holders! I was over the moon with these, really touched at the effort gone into making these cute oven mits :) I'm forever burning my hands on the oven so these will really come in handy and save me scorching my tea towels.

Also in his backpack was this olive wood tasting spoon. At first I thought it was a normal spoon with a decorative groove carved into the handle, but Michelle's letter soon explained all. The groove in the handle is a ravine, you fill the larger end with the hot liquid, tip it up and while the soup, or whatever you want to taste, runs through the channel it cools and will be at perfect drinking temperature by the time it reaches the end. Ingenious.

Next up I found these lovely tea towels and dish cloths. Michelle has an obsession with towels with loads of every colour. She didn't know what colour scheme I had in my kitchen but living in rented accommodation I have Magnolia paint on every wall in the house. Red fits perfectly :)

Now for my very favorite item in the box, a set of Wilton piping tips. I've been eyeing up a set of these for ages but kept putting off buying them. Lucky I did! I can't wait to put these to good use and practice my piping.

To go with the tips, a 14" decorating bag :)

Last but certainly not least is a set of Michelle's favorite sponges and a little caddy for them to live in. They're so pretty and purple I almost don't want to use them.....but I will.

I remember the Brawny brand from an old episode of the Simpsons, I chuckle every time I look at them :)

I absolutely love every item in my package, thank you so much Michelle! I can't wait for everyone else's packages to arrive so I can read all about it!
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  1. OH I'm so happy the box arrived all intact! I've never sent anything to England before so was a bit worried it would never get there!

    I know the sponges are a funny thing to include in a swap. BUT these are the best sponges I've ever used. I had a terrible time finding them and finally when I did I bought a case! And I love my little caddy which sticks on the side of your sink and out of the way.

    It was my pleasure to be your swap partner...I loved every minute!


  2. OMW...how are we supposed to follow that act???? LOL. It all looks great and absolutely Michelle...I can so see her thinking this all through and arriving at all the excellent choices...such fun! Thanks for showcasing...it was fun to see it!

  3. That tasting spoon has me really intrigued. Let us know how you enjoy it.

  4. What a fabulous package! I have those same tea towels in green.

    So glad you are a part of Whisk!

  5. All those things look fabulous! That tasting spoon looks wonderful, as does the cute Kitchen Doll! And Brawny! Love the name!

  6. I LOVE, absolutely love the kitchen doll! What a beautiful package to get with all those lovely things.


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