Snow, sleet and rain

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It seems the majority of the country has been snowed in these past few days, and for once, we're not getting the worse end of the weather stick up here in Newcastle. But I'd rather that were the case. The most we've had to deal with is a thin veil of snow and tonnes of rain so unfortunately, life must go on.

I have to admit, I'm much more of a winter baby than a sun worshiper. Cold>warm in my humble opinion, it could be the love I have for woolly tights, mittens and hats that sway me, but I'd much rather bundle up than dress down. This being said, I was obviously super jealous when I heard the excited cries of 'Snow Day, Snow Day'. Excitedly, I rang work and checked my uni emails on the off chance we also were to grind to a stand still but, no such luck. Damn! So, I bundled up and headed to my soggy doom ... a literature lecture. Stupidly I accentuated the curls in my naturally dried hair, by the time I got into university the words hedge and backwards ran through my drenched head.

What else do you need on a day like that but pie?! It's the only thing comforting enough to make a soggy Katie smile again.

Luckily I decided to nip into Marks and Spencer on my way home and the little bloody mind readers made my day in the form of a recipe card for Chicken and Leek Pie. Thank you M&S! I had the majority of ingredients to hand at home so I grabbed some leeks, apple juice (oh apple juice, how I love thee) and went back to brave the rain.

I added bacon and mushrooms to the recipe and boy, did it turn out well. I was loving the addition of mascarpone instead of a stock base, it gave the pie a beautifully rich tang.

You can find the recipe here on the M&S site along with the rest of the series. Check out the rhubarb meringue tart, I'll be giving that a go very soon!!
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1 comment

  1. Mmmm pie! Looks great, I would have added bacon too :)

    I read somewhere else about M&S and their recipe cards, I haven't seen any about yet but I don't go in there that often.

    I can't get enough of apple juice at the moment either.


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