Snow Babies

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No baking today, nuh uh, because at long last we finally got our snow day! The white stuff has been falling since about 9am and is currently around 3" deep, how exciting. As I didn't have uni or work today I was home regardless, but Kris being his own boss, decided to shut up shop and make the traffic filled journey home. Hurrah!

First order of business was to introduce the kitties to their first snowfall.

To say they didn't like it is probably an understatement, the parky beggars bolted back into the warm house the second their feet hit the ground! As I type this entry, Marmalade is sitting on the sofa giving me the evilest of looks. I doubt he'll ever trust me again. Better pick some Sheba up next time I go shopping, by way of an apology.

Of course, we built a snowman. Last year we lived n a tiny one bedroom flat which lacked a garden, and unless I wanted to make a winter friend on the balcony, there was no such fun to be had. So, this year we embraced the back garden and used up every last bit of snow to make Jacques. He looks French, doesn't he?

I especially like his hands! I'm an artist!
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1 comment

  1. You finally got snow - hurrah!
    Love the snowman, he's wonderful!


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