Happy Valentines

I trust you all had a wonderful Valentines with lots of delicious food, I sure did :)

These past few days have been hectic, birthdays, Valentines, more birthdays, visits to the fair and a heck of a lot of uni work. I don't know how I even found time to breathe let alone fit in a batch of pretty cupcakes for my special someone.

I hand piped the hearts and flowers using a 2mm nozzle. Piping them was a total piece of cake, washing the bag afterward however has sullied my experience. Next time I think I'll invest in some disposable icing bags. It took all of my power not to just throw the damned thing right in the bin, stupid chocolaty mess!

The butterfly attempt melted in my hands a little, freezing may combat this next time :)
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  1. They look gorgeous!

    We ate far too well on valentines, think need to exercise it off this week!!

    Lakelands sell the disposable bags :)

  2. Why thank you :)

    I really think I'll be buying some of those today. The mess is just too hard to deal with!!

    Good luck at the gym, I've taken to hula hooping again, I'm in so much pain you'd thank I ran a marathon!


  3. I think they were around £7 for about 100, seem well worth the money!

    Gave up the gym membership yonks ago but have got wii fit and exercise bike, I will persist, I will persist, lol! I overdid hula on the wii-fit and could barely move the next day, be careful! x

  4. These are just beautiful! Your 'special someone' is very lucky indeed.

  5. These are so, so pretty. The piped chocolate work is fabulous.


Thank you for your comments :)

Katie xo

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