Black bottom cupcakes you make my rockin' world go round

Today has been a sad day in the Deacon-Stewart household. My little baby girl Muffin has finally gone in for her neutering operation after months of us putting it off. After worrying myself sick for the first three hours of the day I decided to try and busy myself with something a little more creative and a little less likely to cause wrinkles. Cupcakes!

I saw this recipe for Black Bottom Cupcakes on one of my very favorite websites, Joy of Baking, and thought I'd give it a whirl. I was originally going to save them for Valentines this Saturday, but I just had to get my mind off my little pudding all alone in the vets.

Though the recipe is very simple, I think my cream cheese filling was a little on the thin side. So rather than sink to the bottom it simply formed a white layer over each cake. If I decide to make these again I think I'll up the quantity to around 250g of cheese.

As I was writing this post my little darling arrived home, shaved and a little shaken but otherwise OK. Well she must be, I've never seen a cat chow down on two tins of tuna consecutively. Hungry Horace! The vets said they had never heard such a chatty kitty, never stopped moaning the whole time she was in. Must take after her mum.

And finally, I just thought I'd share this macabre little scene Kris and I discovered in our back garden yesterday. While clearing the over turned lawn furniture from the decking, an old plant pot was tipped revealing the final frozen resting place for this poor spider. Kinda reminds me of a chilly Jurassic Park.

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  1. Aw glad little Muffin is on the mend x

    Not so glad to see the spider, lol! Horrible little creatures make me shudder

    Cakes look great! :)

  2. Poor kitty cat and spider (I have a soft spot for spiders, just not the big hairy ones). The black bottom cupcakes would definitely save the day though! :)

  3. I love black bottom cupcakes!!!


Thank you for your comments :)

Katie xo

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