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I was looking over my little blog this morning, as you do when you're a newbie :), and noticed my very first post...awwwh! The chocolate and beetroot cake that started me on my blogging journey. I miss that cake. Anyway, I realised that I never actually got around to posting about it. Better late than never I guess!

I first came across this recipe during one of my many poorly days shlomped on the sofa (I'm a very sickly child, you see). Curled up with a lemsip in one hand and the remote in the other I started channel hopping, a Sky subscribers worst habit one might say. As I was flicking I paused on a show called How To Cook Yourself Thin, interesting, very interesting. Basically, the lovely ladies on this program take your favourite recipes and make them healthier, helping you lose weight without the horror of total food restriction. Phew! This episode took a basic chocolate cake and flipped it by omitting the butter and replacing it with beetroot! Beetroot, I thought, URGH! Now, I have nothing against beetroot, It's actually one of my more favoured of the root vegetables, but in a cake, ridiculous. How wrong I was. I was so intrigued by this delicious looking cake I nipped straight to the supermarket to get me some beets.

2.5 hours later I was reveling in the smell of this glorious cake. The beetroot not only gave a wonderful moistness to the sponge but also a delectably dark, velvety red tinge. The only problem I found was the frosting didn't keep its sheen for very long so I'd advise leaving the decorating till just before you're ready to serve. Although, a quick blast in the microwave sorts it right out. Perfect when pared with vanilla ice cream!!

You can find the recipe here Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Cake.

I'm my excitement at discovering vegetables other than carrots can taste amazing in confectionery, I dove straight into my next project, Spiced Pumpkin Brownies. When I told my Kris what I would be making he begged me to reconsider, I struck lucky with the beetroot cake apparently, it'll be a disaster......

He was right! :(

Still, it hasn't deterred me! Onwards and upwards, next on the list, courgette cake! Fingers crossed.
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